We have two type of Membership :


  • Initiation Fee : IDR 157.000.000
  • Annual Fee : IDR 29.000.000
  • Family Fee : IDR 10.000.000
  • Transfer Fee : IDR 15.000.000


  • Initiation Fee : IDR 5.000.000

Term & Conditions :

  • Regular Membership : Members Playing Rate on Weekdays, Weekends and National Holidays. Weekdays Membership : Members Playing Rate on Weekdays only
  • Regular Membership : Transferable and Life time. There will be a transfer fee for each transfer as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors of PT. Karawang Sports Centre Indonesia. Weekdays Membership : valid for 1 (one) year, Non Refundable & Non Transferable
  • Regular Membership : Buy 1 Get 1 Family Member
  • Member is entitle to get Members Handicap Index Card every three month revision from the club.
  • Member is obliged to contact reservation office of the club for tee off time reservation and confirmation, prior to each playing day & date.
  • Member is entitled to use and enjoy all facilities of the club and its related recreational facilities such as restaurant, driving range, etc. and will know and abide by the rules governing the use of those facilities.
  • Member may introduce any person as a guest of the club. Such guest shall be entitled to use the facilities of the Club governed rules and any conditions or restrictions prescribe by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  • Family Member : Spouse, Children (max 20 years, unmarried) are entitled to become a Family Member of the club, subject to additional dues as set by the board of directors of PT. Karawang Sports Centre Indonesia, only pay annual fee.
  • Member may register and enjoy privileges of reciprocal arrangement with other international and domestics golf course as our reciprocal partners.


1. The Club Receives :

– Completely filled-in application of new membership :

Page 1 : Membership Application

Page 2 : Application for Membership Transfer if any

– The Original Certificate of Membership

– Attached with the current colour photograph size 3×4 (2 pcs)

– Photocopy passport, KITAS or identity card

– Business Card of new member

2. The Club will send an official invoice of fee

3. New Membership is automatically activated subsequent to fee payment duly receive by the club

4. The temporary card is issued by The Club, which may be used while the original Membership Card is in progress

5. The official receipt of fee payment is issued

6. The Original certificate of membership is endorsed by the club

7. The membership kit will be issued by the club (membership kit consist of : membership card, personalized bag tag & book of rules and regulations)