Out of Bounds

  • Defined by inside points, at ground level, of large white stakes and fence posts.


  • White stakes / lines : Out of bounds
  • Yellow stakes / lines : Water hazard
  • Red stakes / lines : Lateral water hazard
  • Blue stakes : G.U.R (Ground Under Repair) or flower beds

Immovable obstruction

The following are declared as immovable obstruction and relief / free drop may be obtained. (Rules 24-2).

  • All appliances connected with the sprinklers, drainage system, refreshment kiosk, shelter, fixed seats, protective fences, litter bin, yardage marker “PURING” Tree, lamp poles.

Integral Parts of he Course

  • Big stones / wooden lakes through the green except when surrounded by flowers are part of the course. All roads  and paths that are not artificially-surfaced anre deemed to be integral parts of the course.

Protection of Young Trees

  • Protection of young trees defined by supported-stakes on the tree. If interference exist, the ball must be lifted and dropped without penalty in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 24-2b.

Dropping Zone

  • All players should play from the dropping zone when their balls enter the pond as below:
    • Orchid Course * Hole No. 7 and 8

Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of Local Rule is:
Match Play – Lost of hole ; Stroke Play – Two Strokes.