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Improving Quality with Custom Fitting

Man behind the gun, might be used as a term in golf since as good as or as expensive as any stick you have, in the end the quality of the golfer will determine the final outcome of the match. In addition to practicing diligently, there is other effort which can improve the quality of the golfer and is considered effective by doing Custom Fitting on the golf stick used.

Custom Fitting is adjusting stick used to really fit the characteristics of the golfer such as speed swing, height, aggressive playing style, or safety, and so on. Basically, it is a process of analyzing the swing of a golfer to find out which golf stick is suitable for him/her.

In the Fitting process, it is necessary to pay attention to Swing Speed, when using both driver and iron. This is needed to find the right flex Shaft. Generally, Indonesian swing speeds range from 70-110 Mph, even though there are also more than that. Golfers whose swing speed is between 82-94 Mph should choose regular shaft, swing speed 94-106 Mph is more suitable for Stiff Shaft (S), swing speed 66-82 MPh more suitable for A (Average/Senior)shaft, swing speed 45-66 MPH is more suitable for L/LL (Lite or double Lite/generally lady)shaft.

Then, the tempo of the swing is taken into account, fast or slow, since it can affect rounds or twists. Professional golfers tend to use stiff flex shafts, so the torque gets smaller. In contrast, amateur golfers use flexible shafts, so the torque gets bigger. The height of the wrist from the floor also matters since it can affect the distance control of the ball.


GREEN area is a crucial part in playing golf. In this area, the golfer will make the most crucial hit to put the ball into a hole or make a putter hit to end play golf.

Inevitably, the grass in the green area must be maintained to make it flat by following the contours of the land. This is to make the golf ball rolls smoothly on the grass after being hit, following the contours of the land in the green area.

LotusLakes Golf Club also spoil golfers by presenting a well-maintained green area. A special touch for the green area is carried out by the field care team under the control of Ir. Haryono.

“We do not care for the green area carelessly, because the green area determines the success of playing golf. The grass must be completely smooth and flat, so that when golfers make a putter hit they don’t miss from estimation, “said Haryono.

Haryono explained, the condition in the green area cannot be predicted. The conditions will be different every day. It can be damaged by disease, fungus, or even damaged due to excavated by wild dogs. Therefore, the green area has to be maintained every day, starting from cutting, fertilizing according to the dosage to restore the contour of the soil under the grass if it is damaged quite badly.

“The green area is like a second wife to us as a field maintenance team. It needs separate handling, it needs to be touched, because the grass can’t talk. So after maintenance, we always do trials to make sure golfers not disappointed,” said Haryono.

Haryono can imagine how a golfer who has struggled and carefully reads the green area so he can hit the ball on the right track with the precise strength so the ball can end on the hole or stop near the hole, but after making a putter hit, the ball goes out of estimation due to not-optimum condition of the grass and the contour of the land in the green area.

“We don’t want golfers playing at LotusLakes field experience such thing. We will maintain the quality of the green area at its best,”he said giving a guarantee.